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Proudly serving Miami since 1977
Proudly serving Miami since 1977
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Wind Insurance in Miami, Florida

A windstorm policy provides coverage for direct loss caused by Hurricane, or other Windstorm (tornado) and Hail, to an insured property.
The hurricane deductible may only be applied to damages occurring from a named hurricane. (This can include tornado and wind damages anywhere in the State of Florida.) The hurricane deductible will apply from the time a hurricane watch or warning is issued in any part of Florida and until 72 hours following the termination of the last hurricane watch or warning issued in any part of Florida.

PLEASE NOTE: No application for new, or endorsement for increased coverage may be bound, written, or issued, or monies received, regardless of effective date, when a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watch or Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for any part of the State of Florida.
For Tropical Storm Advisories and Information visit the National Hurricane Center.
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