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Proudly serving Miami since 1977
Proudly serving Miami since 1977
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Storm Insurance in Miami, Florida

Being Prepared for Storms

In south Florida, hurricanes and tropical storms are a familiar occurrence. Every year, we prepare for hurricane season by stocking up on bottled water and other necessities. Not everyone, however, prepares for hurricanes and other storms by making sure their home is protected. At Koski & Co, we’ll help you get the insurance coverage you need to safeguard your home and belongings so you can be prepared no matter what happens. 

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is generally not included in your general homeowners insurance policy. However, it is essential to shield you from the intense financial burdens that come with flood damage. With tropical storms, hurricanes and other potential flood hazards, having flood insurance for your Miami home will help ensure you have the support you need to restore your damaged home or property.

Wind Insurance

High winds can also cause an immense amount of damage to your home and other structures on your property. However, the extreme wind speeds associated with hurricanes, tornadoes and other storms are not always covered by some policies. If your home is located in an area know as the “Wind Pool Area” you may need to carry a stand alone wind policy to provide coverage for the peril of wind. We’ll help you protect your home against loss from hail storms, hurricanes and more.

The Protection You Need

To truly give your home and family the security they need in case of a storm, it is essential to get coverage for both flooding and wind. Whatever your circumstances, our specialist will help determine your risk for flood and wind damage and work with you to find the affordable, reliable coverage you need to feel at peace when storms come your way.

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