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Proudly serving Miami since 1977
Proudly serving Miami since 1977
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Renters Insurance in Miami, Florida

Covering What Your Landlord Doesn’t

Whether you are renting an apartment, a home or a condo, your landlord is responsible for insuring your building. If a fire happens or the property is damaged, the landlord’s insurance will cover repairs to the building itself. Your personal property, however, isn’t covered by your landlord’s insurance. That’s why it’s essential to have renters insurance, so you won’t have to suffer financial loss if your belongings are damaged in an accident.

Our Renters Insurance Policies

At Koski & Co, we’ll help you find the renters coverage you need to protect your furniture, clothing and other personal property. Our renters insurance policies provide coverage against theft, fire damage and other losses. Whatever your circumstances, we have the affordable, dependable insurance plans you need to feel prepared for any disaster. We’ll help you have peace of mind.

A Team You Can Trust

Our skilled team of insurance specialist has the experience and knowledge you can rely on to find the best renters insurance for you. We’ll work with you to identify your insurance needs and choose a policy that fits your budget and lifestyle. With four decades of experience, we have the expertise you can depend on for all your insurance needs.

Get the Added Protection You Need

Call our office today to take the first step in safeguarding your personal belongings. We’ll discuss your renters insurance options and provide you with a free quote.