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Proudly serving Miami since 1977
Proudly serving Miami since 1977
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Homeowners Insurance in Miami, Florida

When Disaster Strikes

If a fire starts in your home, a pipe bursts and causes severe water damage or a thief enters your home and steals your possessions, it can be devastating. With proper insurance coverage, though, you won’t have to worry about being unable to restore your home or replace your belongings. Instead, when trouble comes your way, you will be prepared for it. With coverage from Koski & Co, you’ll be able to rest easy every night knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll have the financial support you need. 

Protecting Your Home and Family

At Koski & Co, we know how important your home is to you. It is likely one of your most prized possessions. We also understand that protecting your family from the stress of disaster is even more important. That’s why we offer coverage designed to protect not just your home, but your family and belongings as well. Whatever your insurance needs, we can help give you the security you need.

The Coverage You Need

Our homeowners insurance policies cover a variety of liabilities and damage depending on your unique needs and circumstances. We offer coverage for damage to your home and other structures on your property as well as for your personal possessions, like furniture. Our policies also cover fire damage, smoke damage, loss due to explosion, theft, vandalism and water damage. We also over personal liability coverage for your home.

Insurance Specialist You Can Rely On

When you call our office, our friendly, experienced staff will work with you to answer any questions you have about our homeowners insurance policies. They will provide the support and guidance you need to choose the best insurance coverage for your home. 

Insurance Specialist

Contact us today to speak with one of our expert insurance specialist. We’ll give you a free estimate for your home and help you take the first steps toward a secure, insured home.